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My background is corporate in highly pressured commercial roles. I’ve experienced the highs and lows of organisations and how these shifts can impact your people. I found I got very ill over the years from a combination of home challenges and work related pressures.  My emotional and physical health suffered greatly and I’m very aware I’m not alone in this.  


I formed Zipporah Seven to focus around improving emotional health for individuals and the businesses they work in.  Quite simply, I aim to enable positive change within people to offer themselves a moment to reflect and cope with what life throws at them in a way that works for them.  This of course, has many benefits for the organisations they work within and their home life.


I understand people and organisations are complex and I want to ensure people are equipped with choice for whatever works for them and you as a business, this is why I’ve partnered with talented clinical and holistic practitioners who are from a corporate background and have the same mind-set.


Please take a look around and do get in touch to organise a time to meet to assess your unique challenges to see how we can be part of your staff wellbeing programmes to enable a re-energised workplace with positivity at its core, resulting in happier people and teams which will ultimately lead to higher productivity levels and performance.


Zipporah Seven offers tailored services to suit every individuals needs. We offer this by proudly partnering with some of the best and most established practitioners in the business, enabling us to offer a vast selection of services. 

Please click below for what we can provide to suit your personal and business needs in order to support your emotional and physical health. 

Zipporah Seven Ltd.

Registered Companies House number: 11684160

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