HR & Management Event @ Mindspace - GROUND- Reiki Healing & Gong Bath 

London  – April  2019

We know that HR and Management business leads are under intense pressure.  We wanted to offer a moment in their day to allow them to clear negativity, relax, reset and feel ready for the challenges ahead.  GROUND offers the meditative state intimated by the sound frequencies of the Gong, amplified by the healing Reiki energy to balance and release any emotional blockages that are holding you back.


  • 100% of attendees understood the benefits of GROUND to their mental health and wellbeing

  • 80% would like to experience GROUND again

  • 80% felt their company could benefit from GROUND being implemented into their business



“After the session I felt very calm and relaxed, I noticed my productivity increased in the afternoon”


“The rhythm of the gong felt like undulating waves that relaxed my body, and the warmth of the Reiki seemed to take away stiffness and pain in my shoulders and joints” 


“It centred me and I felt grounded and able to focus more clearly”

McCAAN Creative Agency 

London  – April and May 2019

McCAAN are an incredible busy and successful creative agency based in London,  Zipporah Seven offered their talent Reiki BLAST treatments and worked alongside Northstar Therapies who offered EFT and Claire Horseman who offered POWER Coaching to support their talent during Mental Health Awareness Week 2019.


The media world is busy, there are high demands made of staff and we wanted to offer tools to combat challenges such as fatigue and chronic stress

  • Reiki BLAST – 20 minute treatments to individuals

  • EFT – 45 Minute sessions with Francesca Rogers

  • POWER Coaching – 45 minute sessions with Claire Horseman


The feedback for Reiki BLAST was incredibly positive.

  • 85% of attendees would like to experience the treatment again

  • 70% agreed in can assist with productivity in the workplace

  • 100% would like to receive the treatment again

  • 100% would recommend this to their colleagues


“I felt relaxed, positive and cared for”


“I felt very relaxed and calm, I felt the energy releasing the tension in certain body parts”

Reiki, Crystal Healing & Reflexology workshop at East Herts Council


East Herts  – May 2019

We were asked to come in and support East Herts Council in Hertford and Bishops Stortford, supporting their ‘Live Well, Work Well Staff Wellbeing Programme’


Public sector employees are particularly hard hit by high levels of stress, anxiety, absenteeism and fatigue.  We wanted to offer services that allow these hardworking individuals a manageable time out of their busy day in order to relax, reset, balance and increase levels of energy and positivity so we offered 20 minute Reiki & Crystal Healing and Reflexology appointments.


We had some incredible feedback from those that attended


  • 75% agreed that these treatments assist with productivity in the workplace

  • 100% would recommend these treatments to their colleagues

  • 100% of those that attended would like to experience the treatment again



“I felt relaxed, calm and peaceful”

“the treatment was relaxing and informative”

“I felt relaxed and centered”

Reiki and Crystal Healing – in aid of Bowel Cancer UK May 2019

Hertford  – May 2019

We want to offer something back to our communities and to charitable causes.  We decided to offer Reiki and Crystal Healing to some beautiful souls from the Hertford area. 


We raised awareness of symptom of Bowel Cancer in those that don’t typically ‘fit the bill’ to ensure diagnosis happens in time to avoid a devastating outcome.


With a team of Reiki Masters on the day we offered 20 minute healings to 28 beautiful souls and raised £290 for Bowel Cancer UK.

Zipporah Seven Ltd.

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