Our Mission

Our mission is quite simply to create a sense of balance in way that works for the individual and their organisation, a moment to stop and take a very deep breath that enables coping mechanisms for life’s challenges. 

What we do 

We are here to support you, your staff along with friends and family with preventative therapies to improve mental, and emotional and physical health.  Our business is founded with no bias towards any particular therapy, this is why we offer an agnostic service – it’s simply to enable positive change in a way that works.


That’s why we have carefully curated a wide network of accredited professional therapists across multiple healing modalities that we will bring into your organisation as part of your corporate wellness programmes.

What is our approach

By listening to you, your staff and organisational challenges we curate the right packages and therefore wellbeing programmes to support you throughout the year.  As with most things in life, we believe consistency is key and we work with our clients in this way.


We understand that your time is precious and its difficult to know what services to bring into your organisation that will have a positive impact, we are here to not only advise on the best next steps after a video call or meeting in person, but also assist by giving back your time and offer a booking service for every service, we will personally mange this process for you and offer feedback to ensure you know the positive impact this is having on your staff and your organisation.  


Through enabling our services within your organisation, you will benefit from increased levels of creativity, positivity, productivity and performance along with reduced sickness levels over time.  These services will also assist with you retaining great staff and attracting the best new talent into your organisation.

Zipporah Seven Ltd.

Registered Companies House number: 11684160

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